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- Profile -

Yi-Lai was registered as the proprietor of the "Alpha Tiles" trademark on 28 November 1991 and started with a single Italian production line. Over the years Yi-Lai Berhad has grown to become one of the most established companies in the Asia Pacific region.

In 1997, despite the Asian Economic crisis, we were able to maintain excellent financial year results because of our wide range of high quality products. Following that in 2002 the company was publicly listed on the KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange - Main Board). This has led to our success and continued support in both local and international markets.

Now, with 7 production lines, we produce 13,000,000 m2 of Ceramic and Porcelain tiles annually. Our products are exported to Australia, Brunei, Belgium, India, Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, and others.